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Creating Your Own Local Mobile SEO

November 16, 2012 Posted by admin
Creating Your Own Local Mobile SEO

Mobile Internet use is growing each and every day, and even smaller businesses must take advantage of this opportunity to increase revenue. Not only do mobile users browse online for products and information, but an increasing percentage of the mobile market is also making purchases through their smartphones. If small businesses decide to capitalize on this, their revenue could potentially increase three-fold.

SEO companies these days work with Mobile SEO to optimize mobile sites for better ranking on search engines and drive more traffic to the site. But, a good SEO company would agree that a local mobile SEO can be a huge advantage when it comes to relevant clicks. If more relevant clicks are obtained, more potential leads come to the site, instead of  just random users.

What is a local mobile SEO? It is basically an optimization strategy focused more on a particular locality than a massive scope. For instance, if your business is centered in New York City, local mobile SEO will concentrate more on optimization strategies that will capture locals or users searching for your line of business in New York City.

Why use local mobile SEO? Mobile searching is growing fast. There is no doubt that more and more people are buying mobile devices and smart phones just to be able to browse each day on their mobile phone instead of opening their PC or laptop. Mobile use is now associated with people who browse and purchase online. There is a gold mine of opportunity if a small businesses chooses to take advantage of this trend.

To give you an idea on how you can optimize your local mobile SEO, here are a few tips:

  • Mark your place in Google+ Local. This will help Google identify your business when your locality is searched online. Add your business name, address, and contact details. Make sure all your business information is accurate and complete.
  • Participate in local online communities. If search engines find you in local forums, they can justify the relevance of your specified locality. Search online for local online communities and participate regularly. You can link your site to your username too. This is another good way to reach more potential customers as users searching for solutions in your locality post questions there.
  • Seek reviews. It is good to see online reviews about your business because most users rely on them to influence their purchasing decision. But, as much as having all positive reviews sounds ideal, sometimes negative reviews have the benefit of offsetting the idea of a business that is “too good to be true.” Accept negative reviews and be professional about it. Just find ways to address the reviewers' concerns and let your customers know you have done so.
  • Do not fail to include your contact details. Having a more prominent position in your local address will help you rank higher in your specific locality. Always include your contact details on social media accounts, your own mobile website, and even in places where you sign up.
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