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How Can Negative SEO Affect a Business?

May 23, 2012 Posted by admin
How Can Negative SEO Affect a Business?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very important aspect in achieving website reputation online. Nowadays, to gain priority on search results, websites must establish a strategic and successful SEO strategy so search engines can easily notice and locate them and give them a greater weight of importance in search results. While people may think all SEO is good SEO -- in reality, there is a right way and a wrong way to perform SEO for your website... And negative SEO can hurt you. There are two kinds of activities going on in the Internet. One involves the proper way of constructing and promoting your website. Backlinks must be generated in legitimate and appropriate ways, meaning no spam or other illegal activities (such as backlink purchasing) online. In addition, your ranking should gradually be working their way up - any extreme overnight gains will set off a major flag with search engines to investigate you for false SEO manipulation. Negative SEO predominantly involves spam or black hat SEO. Generally, such activity would require tactics that search engines punish (if caught) to boost the rank of a website even if for a very limited time. While the temporary reward may seem worth it to many, the risks involved are much higher - and the negative ripple effects can be felt long after - compared to doing SEO the right way. Many websites that have engaged in Negative SEO have actually ended up being banned from Google! And once you are off -- good luck getting back on. There are cases of “corporate sabotage” so to speak, where a company has not engaged in negative SEO tactics themselves, but other website owners or competitors found ways to generate spammy backlinks to the website, effectively shutting the website down. Harsh, but the reality is, many websites have already been shut down by such activities. Negative SEO can severely affect a business and jeopardize its chances of being successful online. To alleviate the effects of negative SEO on a website, a good move would be to hire a legitimate SEO consultant or SEO Agency to properly manage your websites reputation and help significantly in engaging the process of proper SEO. Such online management SEO consultants will be able to maintain the site’s reputation by boosting the SEO rank the correct way, and work to control incoming negative backlinks from other websites that can downgrade the site’ reputation in search engines. Different brand management services are available today and working with a reliable SEO agency will help you achieve the most appropriate tactics for your website.

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  1. Miray says:

    Hello Andrey.Your tutorial was very helpful for me. I could complete your tutorial if I have a hosting and website, but not now. In future, I am sure, I will use your suggestions how to optimize my website. You gave a link to the software that help me to find necessary keyword. It is very nice because you save my time to find one of them.With your tutorial I went step by step. In short words, I understood the first step is submitting my site to search engines, then finding keywords with software helper. After that determine a website which has more than other linkage, send them request to include your website to the links list. Finally wait. Also, don’t forget about page content. You have very good advises.I found your tutorial very helpful for me because it contains a lot of information which I need as novice in SEO. I mean, you teach step by step, give a links where I can find what I need to make those steps, advises, notes, pictures about how it should look.I can only suggest to you change the look of your tutorial where you used highlighting. I found some of them hard to read for understanding (yellow, green and black). Maybe you need to select other type to attract our attention.Thank you for your tutorial, I will use it.Nelli Bureacova

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How Can Negative SEO Affect a Business?