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How to Become the Pillars of the Strongest SEO Team

November 7, 2012 Posted by admin
How to Become the Pillars of the Strongest SEO Team

Search engine optimization, SEO, takes a lot of work. Sure, you may understand the basics of SEO and how to implement its strategies in your website, but SEO takes a lot more in order to be fully effective. Social media is one critical aspect of SEO, while building links is another.

If you want to execute a stronger SEO effort, then what you need is a stronger SEO team. This means having all the required positions of establishing a robust SEO team filled up. You may choose to work solo or work with one or two additional members, but filling critical positions will help you boost your SEO efforts.

An internet marketing agency believes that a solid SEO team is comprised of a project manager, the strategists for SEO tactics, link builders, social media managers, and analyzers of reports and analytics. In addition, your team must also have content strategies and, if you have PPC campaigns, a PPC manager.

Let us take a look at each of these positions:

  • Project manager – An overall supervisor of every task involved, a project manager ensures that tasks are being accomplished efficiently, with goals being reached at designated times.
  • SEO strategist – SEO is a broad matter that requires much attention, given its constant updates and changes. Proper planning for SEO tactics needs to conform to the new trends with the search engines as well as with the market. A SEO strategist will need to spend most of his or her time deliberately planning new and updated strategies for optimizing the company’s website.
  • Link builders – This can be a group of people focused on generating links to other websites. Basically, your link builders research how to generate more links and create interaction with other websites.
  • Social media manager – Social media is linked to SEO given the authority and capacity of social media shares and likes on influencing ranking. Good social media strategies require updated social media accounts, proper timing on social media posts, and managing online reputation.
  • Report analyzers – This position is crucial for proper keywords and potential rank increases. Analyzers determine which keywords work best and how to increase conversion rates.
  • Content managers – Content is key these days and original and fresh content is the way to the search engines' hearts. So, have a content manager to concentrate on creating and posting new content on your blog.
  • PPC manager – Do you have PPC campaigns? If you do, then a PPC manager will become the overseer of all of your campaigns, making sure that each one works effectively, and testing new and alternative campaigns.
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