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How to Make Your Video Go Viral

February 6, 2018 Posted by admin
How to Make Your Video Go Viral

YouTube is one of the most popular websites these days due to the millions of online users who log in and spend hours watching cool and funny videos. There is always a video posted on YouTube about anything you can imagine, and more people are drawn in every day.

With the success of YouTube comes the need for more effective video marketing. Since many online users are becoming more attracted to watching how-to videos, advertisements, and  other interesting visuals, online marketers need to be sure they are taking advantage of that opportunity.

The most important part of video marketing is that your video be attractive. If your video is interesting enough, users will share it with others, and a cumulative increase in traffic toward your business will ensue. In other words, if you create a viral video, you can enjoy a surge of interested traffic to your website, more back links to your website, and the attention of search engines.

So, how do you make your video go viral?  Here are some tips:

  • Work on your targeted keywords. Basically, this allows your video to capture more of your targeted audience. Identify the keywords that you want to link to your video and then work from them when creating your video. Lastly, optimize your video to make sure that YouTube will be able to show your video in targeted keyword searches.
  • Include the latest cool trends. YouTube videos with the highest search rates each day are considered to be trending. Incorporating the latest trending music into your video will attract more audiences to it. Plus, new trends will give your video an impression of being fresh, which is also ideal for search engines.
  • Don’t forget the essentials. Even though you want to create an attractive video for our audience, you must not forget the main reason you created the video in the first place. Keep your video informational and helpful. Make sure that the important facts that you want to share with your audience are highlighted and that they offer a solution to your targeted market.
  • Share it. Making your video viral starts from you. If you want more people to share your video, share it with them first. Post it on social media sites and your blog, so more people will become aware of it.
  • Let your audience express themselves. Enable comments, likes, and shares on your video so your audience can freely express what they think about it. Many online users enjoy interacting and taking part in the conversation online, so making it easier for them to do so will encourage faster sharing.
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