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Importance of Social Signals to Your Website Ranking

November 28, 2012 Posted by admin
Importance of Social Signals to Your Website Ranking

There are two things that are becoming evident these days. First, people are becoming more social online, and an increasing percentage of the world’s population is using social media networks for various reasons, including online purchases, personal connections, and feedback. Second, search engines are picking up on social media activities and utilizing them for search result rankings.

Social signals have been a valid topic for several years, and although they may not necessarily become an integral part of search results ranking, they are increasing in importance.  Picture this: when you like a website on Facebook, it indicates that you want to recommend that brand to your friends. If such social activity offers an authority or influence on other users, Google will consider it, which will impact the website’s ranking in search results.  Social signals relay a signal to search engines that you, as a social media user, prefer or recommend a particular website.  The more recommendations it receives, the more likely it will be considered by Google for promotions.

So, what does that mean?

Social signals are important. And again, though they may not be the primary factors influencing increased rankings, an enhanced social media presence and encouraging participation from users signals to search engines that you are an authority. The more social media users follow, like, re-tweet, and share your content, the more effectively your website will become an authority. Since Google loves authority websites, yours will then be promoted to a higher ranking.

What’s more, social media offers a better avenue for trusted recommendations, and this influences more likes, shares, and re-tweets. Online users are more likely to search via social media and request recommendations of brands instead of doing organic searches in search engines. In turn, Google seeks these activities as factors of authority for a given brand or website therefore increasing rankings.

With a strong social media presence, your brand can produce an increase in traffic and influence faster conversion rates. Your social media presence can stimulate brand awareness and, consequently, brand loyalty, which adds up to more followers in the future. These factors offer a signal for the search engines that your site is credible.

Dealing with social signals may seem easy to understand, but proper execution of social media strategies is still required for a website to boost its social media presence and take advantage of its influence in search results. If you want to enhance your social media strategies, contact a social media marketing company. Experts on social media can help you with updated strategies to increase your social media presence and your search rankings.

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