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Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate This Holiday Season

December 5, 2012 Posted by admin
Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate This Holiday Season

The holiday rush has started and people all over the world are rushing to stores and online shops to purchase gifts for their loved ones. With millions of people willing to buy each buy, your business could be in the perfect position to capitalize on that demand.

Your site’s conversion rate can easily increase this holiday season if proper conversion optimization is implemented. To give you an idea of how to optimize your site’s conversion, here are a few tips:

  • Spruce up your mobile website. Mobile shopping is growing, and this year, more and more people are inclined to shop on their mobile phones. Grab at the chance of getting a piece of the mobile market pie and increase your sales this holiday season.
  • Allow guests to check out without having to sign up. Though it may seem like you're losing the chance of a potential repurchase, a one-time purchase does a lot more to add to your overall sales volume than nothing at all.  Especially during the holiday rush, shoppers often find it time consuming to fill out sign up forms before they can search for a potential product to buy.
  • Add a free shipping promo to your holiday discounts. Free shipping is very attractive because shoppers will already feel like they're getting a deal and saving money by shopping with you.
  • Enhance your customer service and make it accessible at all times. A 24-hour live chat can be very useful, especially for walk-in guests who may have inquiries about shipping and returns. You can have a customer service employee on standby to attend to these queries. Also, your fast responses and constant updates on social media will help potential customers obtain the information they need in order to buy.
  • Create a simple check-out page. Shoppers don’t want to go through a series of pages just to finish their purchase transaction. Make it simple and easy for them with a three-way process: checkout, review, and payment.
  • Attract buyers with holiday-themed color schemes. Remind them more that the holidays are near and that they really need to buy gifts now. You can add a countdown timer on your website for upcoming holidays to entice them even more.
  • Highlight your promotions. If you have a 50% discount on select items, highlight it by increasing the font size and make it bolder for emphasis.

Implementing good conversion optimization services will help you maximize your site’s traffic by converting a greater number of your visitors into customers. Conversion optimization enhances your site’s capability of encouraging visitors to purchase or do business on your website, which will increase your sales volume.

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