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Increasing Google’s Crawl Frequency on Your Website

December 10, 2012 Posted by admin
Increasing Google’s Crawl Frequency on Your Website

As you review your SEO performance for the month, do you notice a decline in Google’s crawl rate on your website? Google’s crawl frequency is important because it helps increase your website’s ranking on your targeted keywords. And, if it starts falling, even in a slow, gradual way, it can greatly affect your site's ranking in search results.  The more Google visits your website, the greater your chances are that you will have a higher ranking.

To help you make Google crawl your website more frequently, here are a few tips:

  • Fresh content is key. If you really want Google to crawl your website regularly, you need to be adding and updating your content frequently. Google loves fresh and original content, and it will become a frequent visitor to your website if you update it regularly.
  • Make it easier for Googlebot to crawl your site. With millions of websites out there to crawl, who has the time or patience to wait a few minutes for each page to load?  Not Googlebot!  Slow page loading is definitely not worth the wait, and if your site pages don’t load quickly, they will likely be skipped. Also reduce crawling issues and problems for Googlebot by doing things like adjusting the parameters of your URL.
  • Remove duplication. Just as Google loves fresh content, it also hates duplicate content. Duplicate content is deemed unreliable, and the more your website points to duplicate content, the less time Googlebot will spend with it. So, do an investigation and remove any duplicate content from your website.
  • An XML sitemap and a HTML sitemap greatly help. Many websites that have sitemaps in both versions experience an increase in their crawl frequency.  Your website’s sitemap will provide more information to Google about your URL structure, so it is easier for them to crawl your site.
  • Add more pathways to your website. The more convenient you make it for Googlebot, the more likely it will be to visit your site frequently. Giving it an easy path to enter your site will attract it. Try adding more links to your website. They are very attractive to Google and add supplemental navigation on-site.
  • Repair errors in your internal links. Site visitors don't like seeing error pages, and it can cause them not to return to your website.  The same is true with Googlebot. So, take the time to reevaluate your website and be sure that no error pages emerge.

Google crawl frequency is very important if you want your website to rank highly in search results and be visited by more traffic. Proficient SEO Company can help you whenever you see your crawl visits dwindling. By implementing effective SEO strategies, you will see improved SEO performance results in no time.

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