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Increasing Your Website’s Conversion

January 30, 2017 Posted by admin
Increasing Your Website’s Conversion

What you want for your website is not just to showcase what your business offers, but also to convert traffic into customers. Ideally, you want all the traffic that comes to your website to purchase from you and return. However, even if not everyone buys from you, you still want to see an increase in your site’s conversion every month.

There are different ways you can increase your site’s conversion, and integrating them into your online strategies will allow you to leverage the converting capacity of your site and make it more successful.

  • Be creative with your offer. If people keep coming to your site and see the same offer over and over again, they will get bored. But, if you get more creative and offer something new and exciting, it would arouse curiosity from potential customers.
  • Let other customers convince your potential customers. People believe others more than they would believe a business owner. If they see you doing all the talk, they will be likely to question your promotional intent. But, if existing customers talk to them, they will become more curious. Create an area where your audience can find testimonies from existing customers, so they will become more inclined to work with you.
  • Create and test at least two CTAs. Your call-to-action is very important in ensuring potential conversion. If you have an attractive CTA, you can lead more traffic to your website. Otherwise, no matter how powerful your landing page is, only a few people will be likely to discover it. Try to create at least two CTAs and test the influence of each. The one that works better is your best shot.
  • Make your landing page a dream for your traffic. Do not make it an extension of your CTA, where you continue to sell to them and make them pay right away. What you want for your landing page is to provide a solution that your customers are seeking. Make it more appealin, so they would be enticed to go further to your website.
  • Easier is better for any customer. If you make your forms easier and faster to fill, then it will be easier for them to purchase from you.
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