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Leveraging Your Lead Generation with LinkedIn Engagement

December 27, 2017 Posted by admin
Leveraging Your Lead Generation with LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn continues to be one of the top social media networks today. Given its company-friendly interface, LinkedIn is widely used by professionals to market themselves and their companies.

Integrating expertise and knowledge is one way for professionals to promote themselves on LinkedIn. Not only can you showcase your skills, experiences, and strengths for potential job or business opportunities, but you can also do more to further position yourself as an expert in your field. Many professionals generate leads from other companies as well as end consumers through their skills and expertise within their niche.

It is therefore important for professionals to personally brand themselves to bolster lead generation and help achieve their goals. Below are tips to help professionals become more successful in marketing themselves on LinkedIn:

  • Create a professional profile. This starts with a professional photo of yourself.  Keep in mind that first impressions last, and if your potential leads see you in a more respectable way, they will be more likely to trust your expertise. In addition, fill out all of the necessary information about yourself as a professional. Include all of your past employment and experience, as well as your strengths and skills.
  • Optimize your profile using targeted keywords. This will help you reach more of your potential leads and not just passersby. Targeted keywords are researched keywords that strongly relates to your niche or brand. Use keywords that are frequently used by your target leads for research.
  • Establish a plan for engagement. Mix different content and media to keep your potential leads engaged and interested.

LinkedIn engagement is also effective for company marketing. Online companies can improve their lead generation if they continually engage with their LinkedIn followers. There are actually different tools that can help companies enhance their market reach and increase their lead generation rate.  Here are a few:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche by consistently answering and attending to other users' queries. Make sure that your answers are brief, but that they directly address a solution to their needs.
  • Connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn for wider market reach. There are free tools available that allow you to link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account, so your Twitter followers will be able to follow you on LinkedIn as well.
  • Allow followers to share your information by incorporating a LinkedIn share button on your website. Sharing is powerful for generating more leads because when one follower shares your information, it reaches all of their connections as well.

LinkedIn is a useful tool in online marketing and lead generation as long as it is utilized in a proper way. By working with a social media company, you can maximize the full marketing potential of LinkedIn and see your lead generation increase faster.

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