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Mobile Marketing Tips for eCommerce

January 16, 2017 Posted by admin
Mobile Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Mobile marketing is a popular trend most online businesses have started incorporating into their marketing strategies. Since thousands of people use their mobile phones to search for different products and services, a business should ideally include mobile marketing to directly attract that market.

Just think of a business traveler who wants to have a nice cup of coffee thirty minutes before his meeting with local investors. Since he may be new in the place, he would search for local coffee shops near his area on his smartphone. Opening his laptop and searching the net would be time-consuming. Easy and quick access on his mobile phone would give him a lot of recommendations in a brief amount of time.

The benefit of using mobile marketing is to capture this kind of person. When a potential user searches on their mobile phone for a product or service, your business should be the one to show up on the search results because it would mean an increase in revenue and brand awareness for you.

Proper mobile SEO is needed for businesses to successfully implement mobile marketing. If websites are optimized for mobile internet, it is easier for them to appear in the search results of their targeted keywords.

Here are some mobile marketing tips that you can incorporate into your businesses strategy:

  • Be location-specific. Local markets are easier to reach and are more inclined to make a purchase. A user who searches for a dog training service in a particular state is going to be likely to purchase dog training service in that area.
  • Make everything fast. Remember, users that log onto their mobile phones to search for products and services are people on the go. If they can’t find information from you quickly, they will look somewhere else
  • Incorporate value-added features. Your mobile website can include tools that will make the purchasing experience more valuable. For instance, a cost calculator would be useful for customers who want to determine the total cost of their desired purchases prior to making the actual purchase.
  • Focus on bargains. There are bargain hunters who are compelled to purchase because they feel like they’re getting a deal. Include some sort of bargain or promotion for mobile users, so you can easily attract them to your products or services. Product bundles are ideal for those who want to try everything at a lesser cost.
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