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Pinterest Offers Business Tools for Big and Small Brands

December 7, 2012 Posted by admin
Pinterest Offers Business Tools for Big and Small Brands

Social media networks have created a great opportunity for businesses to enhance brand awareness and widen their market reach. With Pinterest continually gaining momentum in social media trends, it is without a doubt a significant online promotion tool for brands.

Since its launching on 2010, Pinterest has become an avenue for personal use and idea sharing. Features have been limited and not directed toward commercial use. A new change to Pinterest, however, has resulted in new business-friendly features that will cater to companies wanting to enhance their brands.

Brands can create new business accounts or even convert their existing user accounts into business accounts. The new features will allow brands to easily pin images from their websites and share more content with their followers, friends, and market niche.

Pinterest has also added terms that will separate conditions for regular users and businesses. The terms include tools for site owners, copyright policies, and security. There will also be a guide for who can use Pinterest and the rules that govern the content of each brand: using the content, who can use your content, how they can use your content, and your responsibility to your content.

Businesses are also able to enjoy free tools from Pinterest such as verification badges to establish themselves, Pinterest buttons and widgets for their websites, and access to product updates. In addition, new resources will also be offered by Pinterest to help enhance the interaction between businesses and their markets through case studies, guides, and suggested practices.

Brands today must follow market trends and use online tools that will enable them to reach more people within their target markets. Utilizing Social Media Optimization (SMO) services on your business website and in your online marketing strategy will allow you to maximize the benefits of social media. SMO is essential to assuring that your website and marketing strategies are on the right path and leading toward the achievement of your goals. SMO services add more value to your existing online promotions and enhance them to become more effective on social media sites such as Pinterest.

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