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Psychological Ways of Converting Traffic into Customers

December 12, 2012 Posted by admin
Psychological Ways of Converting Traffic into Customers

Conversion rates are an essential factor in increasing online sales. When more traffic is converted into customers, the revenue of your online businesses will increase.

Converting web traffic into customers is the primary goal of online marketing. It is very important for marketers to implement strategies that will attract visitors to actually make a purchase on the website and then come back again. Though a number of marketing strategies like email marketing and website optimization help, you have to communicate with visitors in a certain way to encourage them to buy and become your customers.

Below are psychological techniques that online marketers can use to convert their website traffic into customers:

  • Know what your buyer wants, especially those who are tight-spenders. You may be wondering what a tight-spender is, but these are the people who actually make up the largest percentage of your target market. Tight-spenders are people who are willing to buy, but are oftentimes in doubt, especially when it comes to cost. If you break down the cost for them or offer a payment plan, like paying monthly or weekly versus all at once, then they will feel more comfortable and be more likely to buy.
  • People love something free and risk-free. If you integrate into your call-to-action something free or risk-free, then they will more eagerly grab at the opportunity to sign up. Freebies like free trials or free service for the first month often entice visitors to try your product because they feel less pressure to fully invest right away.
  • Keep surprises coming! People love something unexpected like a free shipping day or a big three-day sale. If you continually offer something new and exciting for your customers to look forward to, then they will keep coming back to see what you may be offering next.
  • Emphasize your customer’s needs and give them the solution. Keep them aware that they need something and that you can offer that solution to them. For instance, if you are selling dog crates, talk to your audience about the need to provide their dogs with a place to keep them safe while alone in the house or a place to stay while they are outside your home. Then, offer them your dog crate.  In other words, identify their dilemma and then fix it for them.
  • Promise them relief. There is always a certain about of stress associated with purchasing a product, shipping and post-sale customer service. These stress points are turn-offs for many customers and make them less likely to make transactions on new websites. If your company offers relief to these stress points, such as a guarantee or on-time delivery, your customers will feel more inclined to purchase from you.

Proper marketing can easily increase conversion rates of your online businesses, so to help you enhance your online marketing strategy, work with an internet marketing company that will help you achieve higher revenue in less time.

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