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Tips to Get More Exposure with Twitter

March 12, 2012 Posted by admin
Tips to Get More Exposure with Twitter
Social media websites have become powerful in increasing business exposure not only to existing customers but to potential leads as well. Businesses are utilizing these social media networks as their entryway to their market’s world, thus enabling them to create further awareness amongst their target audiences and even to people beyond their market niche. Twitter is one of the most influential social media websites for increasing businesses exposure. Companies can simply "tweet" product updates, useful information, and interesting news in 140 characters or less, and their followers will receive it on their cell phones as well as see it on their Facebook news feeds.  Using Twitter is simple and effective, but a business may not be able to maximize its market reach if it has a limited following.  That's why it has become a primary concern for businesses to build their follower lists. There are several ways you can grow your follower base and increase the exposure of your Twitter account... Follow more people.  If you want people to follow you, you also have to follow other people. Normally, if a person follows someone on Twitter, they will follow them in return.  People immediately become interested in someone who shows interest in what they tweet. Form a conversation. One mistake some businesses make when using Twitter is that all they do is tweet. Twitter is a social media network, which means that conversation is important.  A lot of people on Twitter enjoy two-way conversations, so if you interact with them and keep them interested, they will love to follow you. Make use of hashtags. Hashtags are incredibly important because they allow your tweet to be categorized, which increases its exposure to people who are searching those categories.  Hashtags allow you to target specific people and groups.  For example, if you are a real estate agent and you tweet something useful about home buying, you might want to include a “#” symbol in front of "home buying" or "real estate".  That way, when a potential home buyer is searching for useful tweets through hashtags, they'll find you. Twitter can be an invaluable asset to your business.  And, in order to maximize its functionality and increase your business exposure, you may want to consider using a social media marketing company.  A social media marketing company specializes in online marketing through social media and fully dedicate its time and expertise to enhancing your business exposure in a more strategic way.  These people are experts at what they do and they make it their business to make sure your business succeeds in maximizing market share.

2 thoughts on “Tips to Get More Exposure with Twitter

  1. Herman says:

    I read something reatled to your Google SEO Website Health Check Tool | Find a Web Designer Blog post at some other site I frequent at any rate, I think apple is typically overrated but has a handful of excellent products as well.

  2. Wanie says:

    thank you for the reply i just used your tip and found out what my biggest competitor has in links . They have a google backlink listing of hundreds half are withing there own site and they have about a hundred pages it seems that having tons of pages all with links to the other pages is counting as backlinks?My seopen result show 1 link listed on google , Yet yahoo shows hundreds , msn 0, if google shows 1 backlink am i loosing out because they dont show them all?

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