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Website Content Marketing

December 19, 2017 Posted by admin
Website Content Marketing

Yes, you have written a good article, but is it enough to simply post your article on your website and move on? Content marketing is about more than just creating unique and original content for your website. Sure, Google loves to see fresh content, but the primary goal of creating new content is to let your market know what you're doing.

Content marketing is about promoting your website content to your targeted market. If your market reads your content and realizes the value of what you are saying to them, they will become followers. And, the longer they remain followers, the more likely they will be to convert into customers, as long as they are nurtured with the right kind of information and service.

In addition, if more people come to realize your content and the value of your shared information, they will also be interested to link back to your website. Building these relevant links naturally will also be plus point for Google and other search engines.

So, how do you promote your website content?

  • Share your link on social media. There is no better way to let a lot of people know about your new article than posting it in a venue filled with millions of people every minute. Social media has become an avenue for promotion, so post your content at the optimal time, where people from your target niche will be online to read your content.
  • Read and comment on other blogs. Search through related blogs and try to comment on their posts with your name and link to your website. Make it sound professional and authoritative, so people who are also interested in the subject will find you to be helpful and will be directed to your website.
  • Allow social sharing on your blog. If one reader stumbles upon your blog and likes what you have posted, the tendency is for him or her to share it with friends. Now, imagine having hundreds of online users realizing the existence of your content in a matter of minutes through that single share on social media. Enable your share, like and retweet features for better social sharing of your content.
  • Send an email blast. Send a message to your e-mail database with a link to your new content. You may also want to enable e-newsletters, so followers can be updated when you post new content.

To help you promote your new content online, it is advisable to work with a social media agency. These experts know the right time and media to use to better market your site’s content for traffic and lead generation.

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