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What Every Email Marketing Piece Should Have to Be Effective

February 14, 2017 Posted by admin
What Every Email Marketing Piece Should Have to Be Effective

Creating a good email marketing campaign will allow your business to drive more traffic to your website. Through proper email marketing, you can lead more potential customers to your website, establish a better relationship with them, and eventually generate more sales.

Including email marketing in your collection of online marketing strategies is one way to ensure the success of your business. But, sending a simple email to your list may not always be enough to guarantee a higher return rate. In order to achieve maximum success, here are some excellent features that an email marketing piece should have:

  • An attractive title – Seeing a catchy title on your email will encourage your recipients to open your mail and read. However, if you include a title that speaks of selling to them, then expect your e-mails to be ignored. Be creative with your title and examine your response rates to determine if it is something that causes your customers to want to open your e-mail.
  • Get them glued in the first paragraph – If the introduction of your e-mail doesn’t captivate your audience from the beginning, they will be more likely to ignore your emails in the future. You should always start with a follow up on your catchy title and ignite their curiosity more. Remember, your title is what made them open your email, so keep it consistent.
  • Provide an easy landing page – Make it easy for them to go directly to the page you are talking about it. People hate having to do that type of thing manually, i.e. opening another browser, going to your site, and searching for the page you indicated on your email.
  • Make it easy for them to contact you – Some of your consumers may like to contact you on the phone, while others prefer e-mail. Always include this valuable information in your email.
  • Offer something valuable – The moment your recipient opens your mail, he or she expects something useful from it. Offer them something, such as a product offer, a freebie, or a helpful tip.
  • Add a link to your social media – Most of your recipients would like to know more about you through your social media. Make it easier for them to reach your profiles by adding a slink on your email.

Different SEO services offer good email marketing management for your business. You can work with reliable SEO companies to help you manage your email marketing and drive more traffic to your website.

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