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What to Consider When Evaluating a Content Management System

December 21, 2017 Posted by admin
What to Consider When Evaluating a Content Management System

Investing in a good content management system can help leverage the SEO performance of any website.  Since Google’s recent Penguin update, which prioritizes fresh and unique content,

it is important to manage your site’s content so you attract Google and encourage frequent crawl.

By doing so, this can help boost you website’s ranking, especially if you keep updating good content consistently.

Content management systems, though beneficial to any SEO strategy, can also break your SEO efforts if not utilized properly. It is important to take note of the factors that a content management system must incorporate and avoid to identify which management system is most reliable for your website.

 So, what do you need to consider when it comes to a good CMS?

 • Allows customization on Meta data.  Make sure that your CMS allows customization of your Meta description, Meta keywords, and page tags.

• Creates XML Sitemaps.  It is important for your CMS to create a SEO-friendly sitemap to help encourage Google to crawl your website more often. Make sure that your CMS is able to update or create your sitemap each time you add new pages to your site.

• Creates SEO-friendly URLs. Your website’s URL must always be unique, without keyword stuffing or duplication. Your CRM must do its part by making sure you have a good URL for each of your web pages and helping you on your keyword research

• Customizes Alt tags. Make sure that your image alt tags are keyword focused and relevant. Like your site’s URL, alt tags must also be unique.

• Creates breadcrumb navigation. A good CMS does not allow duplication in indexed pages and must be able to customize your breadcrumb navigation.

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