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What to Do When You Receive a Google Notification for Unnatural Links

January 28, 2017 Posted by admin
What to Do When You Receive a Google Notification for Unnatural Links

When you start your day with a warning notification from Google, it can tend to set a bad tone for the rest of the day. No website owner wants to receive penalties from Google, especially if a lot of effort has been put into keeping up with new policies. Unfortunately, however, penalties may be unavoidable if you have unnatural links to your website.

There are many kinds of unnatural links. They can be links to low-quality articles submitted to directory sites or links from irrelevant blogs. In other words, these are links that Google does not want in a website. Though you may not be aware of them, if Google sees these links, you will receive a warning from them.

So, what can you do when you receive a notification from Google?

First, take a few moments to assess the situation because nothing good comes from those who react impulsively. Receiving a notification will likely upset you, but if you let yourself relax and then go through the situation again with a clearer mind, you will find a positive solution to what you need to do.

Next, assess the links to your website. Check to see if there are unnatural links on your site and write them down. You might want to evaluate every single link, just so nothing bad stays behind. Also, find a way to sort them so it will easier to identify unnatural links from good ones.

After you have gone through all your links, check all possible unnatural links. It is the time to remove them. You can do so by emailing website owners of that link and requesting removal. Most professional sites and blog owners will adhere to your requests since they understand the consequences if they don't remove them. If you encounter certain sites that don't want to remove the links, you can file a complaint to Google via the Disavow Links tool.

The Disavow Links tool allows Google to reassess your site while disregarding these links. This means that, even with the unnatural links still on your site, Google can exclude them from your site if listed as Disavow Links. Just make sure that, prior to doing this, you have warned the website owner of your intentions, so he or she can have one last chance to remove them.

Lastly, you can start to build good links to your site. Focus on building content to attract high-quality links. SEO agencies can help you survive Google's warnings for unnatural links by identifying the threat to your site, finding ways to remove them, and building a more powerful website.

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